Thursday, September 20, 2018

Are Shantytowns Really the Answer to California’s Housing Crisis?

Oakland, California like many other cities on the West Coast has a huge out of control homeless population fueled by the high cost of living problem. People sleeping on the streets, in tents and cardboard makeshift housing with no bath or toilet facilities has prompted several city and private organizations to find a better solution.

But are these solutions almost as bad as living on the street?

Oakland’s Tuff Shed camps where homeless people live with roommates in prefab garden sheds behind fencing look more like Free Range Chicken Coops than a good solution to the problem.

The camps have shared portable toilets and portable showers. Residents are NOT required to be sober or drug free which means the cluttered, dirty and disgusting situations they were living in on the streets will now simply be moved into camps so the streets can reclaimed and bragged about as a successful city government program.

The interred homeless will not be allowed to cook in their garden sheds but you can bet a couple of them will burn to the ground as the residents will fire up grills inside their sheds just like they did on the streets.

I give these Tuff Shed encampments a year and they will begin to look just as awful as the streets where the homeless lived before. Filth and clutter will fill every one of these garden sheds even though there will be paid staff on hand.

One resident of another Tuff Shed camp in the city said it's not much of an upgrade from living in his tent, it's just on the other side of the street.

Watch the video and ask yourself if this is the best one of the richest cities in California can do.


Stacy Harks said...

I can't imagine living in a tent on the street of any city with no money and no hope for a better future but I truly hope these Tuff Shed neighborhoods work as promised.
It would be a real shame if they became just another failed attempt of moving the homeless off the street as Modcoach says.
I see no real solution to this problem. So sad that anyone has to live in such conditions.

Jim Wickenden said...

As someone who is heavily involved in the homeless situation in the Bay Area I can tell you this option is not perfect but at least it offers privacy, some protection and dignity. To bad mouth an idea when some manufacturers in San Jose quote $80,000 for tiny home as an "answer" to the homeless problem is not constructive or accurate. For one, Oakland, if you knew the Bay Area at all, is certainly NOT one of the richest cities in the nation. At least they are trying to return some humanity to the situation and not complaining about the aesthetic.

Steve L said...

A real good example is 14 Forward in Marysville, CA

The price of land, the lack of income, the cost of infrastrucuture development, NIMBY attitudes and the housing crisis are cause for concerns for more homelessness in CA. The working poor liv ein Cars, Vans and RV's on the street due to the high cost of housing.
Tiny Houses are illegal as is living in RV's by local zoning officials. To state otherwise due to its cost to build them is a fallacy.
There is not land to be ulild a community of them, period.

A Tuff Shed is a temporary emergency shelter only and is NOT built to any building code.
Imagine if we had an earthquake disaster in the Bay area the need would increase.

Coach said...

Imagine if there was an earthquake disaster in the Bay area everyone living in "no building codes" Tuff Sheds would sue the city and the state for not providing them safe shelter. You just can't win trying to solve a major housing crisis with garden sheds.