Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Developers Turn to the Modular Building Institute

For years the Modular Building Institute (MBI) has been the Big Cheese for the commercial modular manufacturing industry. It’s World of Modular has been the most attended modular industry event in the US attracting both attendees and vendors from around the world.

With the increased attention commercial modular construction is getting from all the media articles, videos and news there are more people than ever wanting to give modular construction a try for their next project.

Colleges and Universities are pushing for more modular dormitories, hotel chains want more modular as do the affordable housing developers. With modular construction able to grow beyond the 3 story limit once imposed on them we are seeing a real surge in interest in all things modular.

I would love to be a fly on the wall at MBI’s headquarters and see how many emails and calls they get every day asking who can build 100 room affordable housing buildings, 200 room hotels, massive homeless shelters and other projects.

Sort of makes you wonder why it has taken developers more than 4 decades to discover commercial modular construction.

One of the biggest parts of the MBI has always been the portable modular building business that for many years was what developers thought modular was all about. Those temporary school classrooms, sales offices and other structures that can be moved and leased as needed.

Today the permanent modular market is huge and the MBI has become the the ‘GO TO” site for both those seeking factories and factories seeking alliances.

With the blending of commercial and residential modular manufacturing happening at many factories, the MBI and their World of Modular will continue to grow larger.

Gotta love that!

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