Thursday, September 20, 2018

England’s Berkeley Group to Build Huge Modular Plant

The Berkeley Group will break ground on its new 150,000 sq ft modular factory in Northfleet, Kent just outside London. It will also house an additional 15,000 sq ft office space.

It will be ready to begin production in Spring 2019 and will create up to 240 new jobs.

The factory is expected to deliver up to 1,000 dwelling units a year.

The Berkeley Group is one of England’s biggest housing developers adding almost 4,000 housing units a year.

Wishing them great success.


Anonymous said...

Yep. Europe and the Far East keep making headway through innovation and here we sit in the US content to continue to build as was done in the buggy whip days. It is not education any longer, there needs to be the will to do construction differently. If not then let's stop talking about labor shortages, busted schedules and costs.

The ball is in our court people...innovate or die.

Bill Hart said...

It appears these European new plants are for the most part for multi family product. Theyve now riled up their concrete industry there who once had a monopoly there. Just as precast foundation companies here upset the monopoly the concrete block folks once had here in the states for building basement walls. I remember cornboard exterior wall sheathing was the only way to go..Bout time our complacent cages gets rattled! Hurrow!

Unknown said...

Possibly the most significant step forward in the housebuilding industry today. A homebuilder and placemaker who really understands the market, complementing this knowledge with cutting edge technology to deliver quality homes. This will become the centre of excellence within this industry.