Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Rockwool Factory Meets Opposition in WV

Rockwool, one company’s brand name for mineral wool they manufacture in Jefferson County, WV has more than 10,000 people battling to have it gone from their county.

Mineral wool is the general name for fibrous materials that are formed by spinning or drawing molten mineral or rock materials such as slag and ceramics. Applications of mineral wool include thermal insulation, filtration, soundproofing, and hydroponic growth medium.

The raw materials are melted in furnaces and blown with air or steam over spinning drums or a centrifuge to create the fibers (picture making cotton candy). Asbestos is a naturally occurring fiber that is mined. Since mineral wool is a man-made fiber, it does not contain asbestos.

According to a group of parents and county citizens the government is subsidizing Rockwool, a high-pollution, global-scale factory on an apple orchard by an elementary school in the middle of Jefferson County.

Located between Kearneysville and Shenandoah Junction, Rockwool will operate 24/7. Its giant 21 story smokestacks will redefine the county’s skyline, and Rockwool's air pollution profoundly threatens our public schools.

If built, Rockwool will mark the end of Jefferson County as a clean and safe residential and agricultural community.

To learn more about the health dangers of mineral wool and the group opposing the Rockwool factory in WV visit their website at www.toxicrockwool.com.

I was surprised this factory is being built only 30 minutes from the Modcoach homestead.

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