Wednesday, October 31, 2018

10 Scary Halloween Gremlin Tricks for Modular Home Builders

Everyone in the building industry could list a lots of things that go wrong in the offsite construction industry either delays the project or costs a lot of money to correct.

On Halloween and every day, Gremlins show up at the job sites dressed in their finest Murphy's Law costumes reeking havoc on your job.

However if you are a modular home builder you not only have most of the same problems your offsite siblings have, you also have an entire set of problems the Gremlins saved just for you.

Here are the 10 Scariest Tricks they play on modular home builder:
  1. House shows up with water in it.
  2. House shows up a day late.
  3. Set crew cancels at last minute
  4. Bridge work or road construction happens on the route to deliver home making it so you can't deliver to the site.
  5. Crane arrives on job site and promptly sinks in mud.
  6. House shows up with plan flipped the wrong way.
  7. Wrong house shows up, or pieces of wrong house, show up at the job site.
  8. House arrives without windows
  9. Wrong kitchen installed
  10. House wrap is removed and there is mold on the walls

This is the short list. If you’ve got some to share with your fellow tricksters, go for it.

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