Sunday, October 7, 2018

Attention - Articles Wanted for Modular Home Builder blog

Over the years I’ve had a few product manufacturers and vendors write technical articles about their products or simply send me a press release for a new product or procedure to be posted on my blog.

As the largest and most well read blog about modular housing with millions and millions of pageviews over the years I am now openly asking for more of these articles.

Every time I post a technical article about products like Open Trusses, DAP Adhesives or research by Experts in their field, most get thousands of views within a day or two .

Since I write ABOUT the industry and have no idea what some of the stuff in those articles means I am asking you, the people that know this stuff inside out, to let me publish your article where it will do you the most good.

It’s not only modular folks in the US that read my blog, site builders, developers, investors, engineers and just about anyone connected to the building industry around the world visit the blog.

THERE IS NO CHARGE for placing it on Modular Home Builder blog but there are a couple of rules:
  • Include either an email address where readers can contact you or your website or both.
  • The article must be relevant to either modular or off-site construction
  • The article can’t have been previously published
  • Include at least one picture but can have up to 7 in jpeg format
Send your article to Upon receipt of your article I will review it for relevance and make sure it follows the rules.

If accepted it will be published within 48 hours. I may ask for additional information before publishing. I may also reject it but I will let you know within 48 hours.

You and your expertise are important to my readers so go to your computer and send over your technical stuff today.

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