Thursday, October 25, 2018

citizenM Imports Another Modular Hotel from Poland

Designed for the business traveler and adventurer, the citizenM hotel brand takes a different spin on hospitality with their new hotel on Westlake Avenue in Seattle’s South Lake Union area.

The rooms are small, the width of the king bed and only 160 sf. However, they are built to high luxury brand standards with the latest in technology. Each room has its own tablet that controls the lights, TV, window shades and even a wake-up alarm where the lights and TV turn on to wake you up. Additionally, the tablets allow guests to track the hotel’s real-time sustainability performance.

citizenM doesn’t believe in the add-on costs, so all movies and WiFi are free and there’s no one to tip. citizenM hotels are designed for the traveling citizen in mind. They have a self-check-in station in the lobby. With a full service bar and all day bites of food available to hotel guests, the lobby area is designed to be a place to hang out, work or meet business clients.

Each of the 264 rooms of the citizenM Hotel were built in Poland and shipped to the Port of Everett, WA. They come fully finished with everything but the mattress. Washington State Labor and Industries already inspected each room.

“When we were over in Poland with this, L and I was there doing inspections and testing,” Mortenson Construction project manager Lauren Boedeker said. “So that when the city of Seattle comes when we're done they don't have to come into the mods. They simply sign off the building as a whole.”

Each of the rooms are connected to each other using built in steel plates. On the bottom of each unit, another steel plate connects them to the flooring and to the main concrete column. That's what holds the building together.

By now you have to be asking yourself how could these 8’ x 20’ modules be built in Poland, driven to a port where they were loaded on a ship, sent from Poland through the Panama Canal, unloaded in a port in Washington, driven to the jobsite and still come in less than having a factory on the West Coast produce them? In the US they wouldn’t even need a special travel permit and could be hauled as standard freight.

And not needing any onsite inspections of the actual modules by Seattle’s Code Officials is a good way to save time.

Can’t imagine East Coast local code offices doing that even with an L&I stamp of approval.

Now that the hotel and apartment industries are pushing for more and more modular projects every year will we become a huge market for foreign modular factories while investors in our country continue to ignore building new modular factories?

I know we have seminars and conferences all over the US discussing how wonderful offsite and modular is and that it's the future of construction but how do we begin competing with foreign modular factories?


Unknown said...

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Tom Hardiman said...

Let's just cut to the chase. List ALL of the North American modular manufacturers building with steel that are interested in supporting the hospitality industry today. Bet its less than 5 total and they are busy.This process is gaining big time momentum in multi family and hospitality and it WILL be the preferred way to build, even if the developers have to import the mods. We need more steel mod mfgs to meet the current demand.

Here's another novel idea - the mods coming from one of the Polish mfgs (DMD) are all identical - all of them! When Pacific Park was built in NYC it had some 900 mods with 30+ (?) different configurations.