Monday, October 29, 2018

Denver Developer Begins Love Affair with Modular

As developer Adam Berger was striking out on his own several years ago, he was looking for a niche to fill. He was acutely aware that metro Denver has a severe lack of housing affordability and attainability, so he set out to solve the problem through developing a modular housing product.

Courtesy of Adam Berger Development

Berger, founder of Adam Berger Development, didn’t let the generally accepted maxim that modular housing should be dedicated to low-income or rural markets stop him. Instead, he started searching for infill sites to build modular duplexes to prove the product would be attractive to everyone searching for a house. But first, he had to design an appealing product for an infill market. “There wasn’t any good design out there because no one was doing it,” Berger said. “I studied what was going on in Europe because they’re actually doing it there.”

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