Monday, October 1, 2018

Former Penn Lyon Plant Loses Its Battle to Remain Modular

The Selinsgrove, PA modular factory located just north of town has seen Penn Lyon produce modular homes for many years before closing their doors in 2010 followed by Haven Homes building modular homes and then closing their doors forever in 2012

Then a company called Arcon Group moved in and again it saw modules being built for mostly the commercial market.

Last month the factory that has been the site of modular construction for many years was sold at a bankruptcy sale to a company that will not be producing any modular homes or commercial projects.

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Once the home to two of the most prestigious modular home brands in the US, Penn Lyon and Haven Homes, has now permanently closed its doors to modular construction.

I for one am at total lose as to why, with so much demand for modular in the East, that this factory was sold for less than a third the cost of a new startup. The location has always been good, labor though tight is still available and it seemed that all it needed was a modest amount of refurbishing and new equipment to begin producing modules once again.

A lot of modular factory owners including Clayton looked at the factory before it was sold but only two offers were made. ONLY TWO!

Had this once good factory deteriorated to a point that the amount of money needed to upgrade it couldn’t be justified in buying it or were those factories crying for more capacity asleep at the switch?




The information in your article is incorrect. PBS bid on the land and the M&E. The land was sold to a developer.

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