Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Modular Can Be the Answer but Hurdles Remain

Bristol, England could soon be turning to modular homes and other housing innovations to ease its acute social housing problems.

The city’s shortage of homes is at critical levels. Freedom of Information Act data shows there are around 11,000 families waiting for somewhere to live in Bristol, with just 20 available properties.

Even for those with the greatest need – perhaps a serious health problem – the wait is around six months, while private sector rent costs are up 44 percent since 2011, according to Shelter.

In response, more house builders are investing in large-scale use of pre-manufactured homes. Modular housing could offer Bristol and other cities a quick fix in providing good-quality urban accommodation in the same way that prefabricated housing was widely constructed after World War II.

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Bill Hart said...

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So Coach right!..why not this time too, BUT ONLY if we want it enough to work TOGETHER...AND before the Asians and the sharp Europeans takeover the SFD mod market, too!