Thursday, October 4, 2018

New Idaho Modular Factory Enters Affordable Housing Arena

Just a little over a year ago IndieDwell, a shipping container converter located in Boise, Idaho opened a temporary factory providing alternative affordable housing that can be delivered anywhere in the US.

Scott Flynn, who founded IndieDwell said he saw millions of railroad shipping containers idled after their retirement from cargo service which he and his business partner could turn into affordable housing.

IndieDwell takes old, rusted containers from Utah and Oregon, outfits them with modern finishes and appliances, and sells them for between $46,500 and $107,850.

They can be shipped economically to the customer’s site without escorts and additional fees because they are 48 foot long High Cube containers, 9 ft 6 tall and only 8’6 feet wide. Once they arrive the shipping container homes are then installed by IndieDwell employees.

There are even factories using converted shipping containers in the retail market including restaurants.

The all-electric modular homes are targeted to have less than a $50 per month electric bill.

The current temporary factory which produces one home a week is going to be replaced by a new 50,000 sq ft factory that will produce a home every day. With 24 million High Cube railroad containers available there doesn’t seem to be a supply problem.

Though it may not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ it will appeal to many.

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