Saturday, November 3, 2018

Britain Desperately Needs to Jump Start Its New Home Construction

Britain faces a shortfall of 1,000,000 homes within eight years unless local and national councils dramatically speed up their rate of house building.

Some councils are decades behind where they need to be if they intend to meet Government estimates of how many homes need to be built in the coming years.

At current rates the average local authority would need an extra 6.2 years to build the homes the Government has estimated will be needed by 2026, according to analysis by Project Etopia, the modular homes builder.

Most of the furthest behind boroughs are in London.

Redbridge is estimated to need 26,000 new homes by 2026 but built just 318 annually on average over the five years to 2017.

With the same labor shortage in Britain that we face here it may take even longer to get those 1M new homes and probably by the time they reach that goal they will need a million more.

Modular construction is the only answer that can even begin to solve both Britain’s and our housing shortages.


Keith Simpson said...

We have had enough seminars, conferences, consultancy advice and pontificating to last a lifetime. Let's hope that the innovative Bristol Housing Festival will result in this innovative council becoming the national volumetric centre, building houses for every landlord in the south west.

Randy Agno said...

There are a lot of amazing modular home builders here in California and the US that may be able to coach builders in Britain. I think people should share with people and find amazing solutions for all!

Veli A. Karvinen said...

Yes it is a difficult situation. Also difficult to hammer a nail, when you have a cell phone in your hand.

Pete Lahucik said...

Gary very good comments and Veli I agree with you, the new culture is different and how do we deal with it. I know it is tough .. and getting tougher

Tom Hardiman said...

When all you have ever used is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If the "tool" of choice is a cell phone, let's figure out a way for a worker to program the fastener into a wall assembly by using that tool. We can whine about the labor shortage for the next 10 years, but it ain't gonna get better.

The U.S. construction industry as a whole has hit the "snooze button" on the wake up call for about a decade. Time to get moving up and join the industrial construction evolution.