Saturday, November 24, 2018

Can Modular Housing Become the Next Kale?

Here’s an interesting fact. Prior to 2012 the two biggest uses of Kale in the US was lining the bottom of Pizza Hut salad bars and as Winter food for pig farmers. So how did it become one of the fastest selling salad veggies just behind Iceberg lettuce and broccoli? And what does this have to do with Modular Housing?

A Pizza Hut Salad Bar

Well folks, sit back, relax and let’s take a journey into what made Kale so damn popular and maybe, just maybe, the modular housing industry could learn something from it.

The tale begins in 2010 when Dr. Oz introduced kale to his viewers as the next best thing to Iceberg and Romaine lettuce. The next year Gwyneth Paltrow baked kale chips on the Ellen Show. Millennials bought into Kale in a big way.

But two celebrities can’t change an industry or can they? Well, the answer is ‘no’ and that’s where an enterprising marketer, Oberon Sinclair, founder of My Young Auntie PR, comes into the picture. Seeing an opportunity to market something new to Millennials she began a very successful agenda of a social media, ground roots campaign after being contacted by the American Kale Association.

Her promotions of Kale are now famous including a National Kale Day. Beyoncé and other artists began eating this little known tough, fibrous dark green leaf and even put it on Tee shirts they wore while the paparazzi snapped photos and soon Millennials everywhere were begging stores to carry it.

Entire cookbooks featuring Kale disposal recipes hit bookstore shelves and today if a restaurant doesn’t offer Kale on their menu the Millennials probably will not eat there. Michelle Obama’s healthy diet for children included Kale. How cool was that?

Could this type of marketing hype be used by the modular housing industry? It could if our industry is willing to spend no money on promotion and adopt a guerrilla marketing strategy and that is something we can actually do.

But there’s a secret behind such an effort and Oberon Sinclair has finally let it out of the bag.

The American Kale Association is actually her creation. Visiting the AKA only gives you links to Facebook and Twitter accounts which in turn link back to the AKA website. It was all done to promote both Kale and her marketing/PR firm. Heck, I’m not even sure she likes Kale but she has to love the business the Kale marketing campaign brought to agency. This is one smart lady.

There is a dark side to this successful marketing promotion but that will be an article for later this week.

In 2019 I (Modcoach) will be hosting several Seminars about promoting the Modular Housing Industry. Keep watching for news.

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