Tuesday, November 20, 2018

This Could Very Easily be You!

You’re an experienced sales rep for a company having worked there for years and years. You give them 100%, earn their respect and provide you with a decent wage. If this sounds like you, read on.

Then one day something happens that questions why you want to stay with your employer. It could be a new Sales Manager that wants to rethink territories and/or client assignments. It could be a couple of new hires begin taking all the good clients while you languish in the background. It could be a hundred different things. Who really knows what pushed your buttons.

Then it happens. You’ve either had it up to the chin with pent up anger or your Sales Manager comes into your office and tells you that you’re no longer needed. Either way when you leave there will be no party thrown for you for all your hard work and dedication. No plaque on the company wall with your picture.

In fact, at the same time you’re walking out the door for the last time the company’s HR Director is placing ads for your former position on LinkedIn.

The question you have to ask yourself right now is “Is this my life?”

If it is and you really enjoy being a sales rep, talking to customers, planning and executing projects, following through on questions, working with highly motivated clients and have been thinking of becoming an independent sales rep with almost unlimited earning potential, then here is an opportunity that just might be your next career move.

Express Modular, the only national modular home builder has an opening in one of the richest housing markets in the US. The NC/VA market is in need of a sales rep to take over this very lucrative territory.

I have to warn you. This is not an easy job. You will get more leads than you ever dreamed possible from people who have already decided to buy a new modular home. You will work long hours, solve problems and to be quite honest, earn a lot of money for your efforts.

Men and women across the US have joined with Ken Semler, the owner of Express Modular, to provide the best new modular home experience to eager homeowners looking for quality and a great company they can trust.

For more information about this opportunity in the NC/VA market, contact Ken Semler today at ken@expressmodular.com.

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