Saturday, December 22, 2018

Flyaway Homes Uses Shipping Containers for the Homeless

One of the biggest problems facing Asian Exporters is the one way use of many of their shipping containers as the US just doesn’t export enough to the Asian market to return the same number of containers.

US housing industry leaders have been working hard to retrofit the extra containers into everything from housing to small storefronts. Just about every month we hear of another company using shipping containers as the base to enter the US housing market.

One success story is the effort of Los Angeles’ Flyaway Homes who announced in March 2017 that they'd purchased a duplex in South LA, got the plot rezoned by the city, and would be building a new nine-unit, 33-bed, three-story apartment complex for permanent supportive housing with the non-profit group, The People Concern.

Fast-forward to December 2018 and the complex is near capacity bringing a real sense of Christmas Joy to many.

Flyaway Homes is the development arm of the People Concern. CEO Kevin Hirai says it took about 48 shipping containers to create the nine-unit building.

"There are a lot of people out there that need this type of housing opportunity," Hirai says. "And we feel if we can clear the pathway and show how it can be done differently to provide housing, that's our mission.

He says these modular homes can be built twice as fast and at half the cost of traditional developments. But perhaps the most important part of the plan is the idea that is to be permanent, supportive housing.

Flyaway Homes plans to break ground on its next development in South LA in January 2019. Watch for more cities to follow the successful roadmap established by Flyaway Homes.


Scott Flynn said...

Kudos Flyaway Homes. Cool design...amazing impact!
indieDwell is also making a social impact on the housing crisis.

David Elliot said...

This must be an option in the UK how about major ports doing a deal with local modular Companies to help get people off the streets in 2019. This might sensibly reflect the season of good will!