Thursday, December 20, 2018

Irontown Homes Changes Its Name and Focus

Recognized as one of the leading modular construction companies in the Western United States for years, Irontown Homes is shifting its focus from building single-family individual residential homes to single family developments, multi-family, and hospitality projects.

Along with the shift in focus, Irontown Homes is changing its name to Irontown Modular.

Irontown Modular (previously Irontown Homes), a multi-generational factory based in Spanish Fork, Utah has been building modular projects for decades and is now setting its sights on utilizing its experience and versatility to further develop its unique construction approach as a solution for single-family developments, multi-family, and hospitality projects.

It will work primarily in higher-end modular projects in order to reduce costs, waste, and time to completion in a streamlined process that leads to thousands in savings for its customers. Irontown Modular will bring the same level of quality to each project that Irontown Homes previously offered while building luxury single-family homes in its factory that have been shipped and set throughout California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.

The Staff and Management at Irontown Modular has the advantage of more than 50 years of experience in building custom modular projects that include a luxury hotel in Wyoming, innovative cabins neighboring Yosemite National Park, mixed-use facilities in Moab, Utah, employee housing in one of the finest Oceanside resorts in the country, and the list goes on and on.

Irontown Modular will continue operations in its Utah-based facility where each commercial project will be completed 60 to 80 percent on the factory floor before being shipped to each location for setting and completion.

The modular process allows commercial builders a unique opportunity to build faster and see a return on their investment sooner. While Irontown Modular constructs the project in its factory, site work can be completed simultaneously to reduce the overall build time by as much as half.

When it comes to factory-built projects, Irontown Modular understands it is vital to offer an opportunity that includes a history of quality construction, experience to understand and overcome the multiple challenges that may arise during a project, and enough versatility to deliver exactly what the customer needs.

This exciting shift in focus gives commercial builders, general contractors, developers, businesses, and others the opportunity to partner with a builder they can trust while maximizing their return.

For more information and to get started with your modular construction project, visit or call 1-877-849-1215
From A PR - 12/20/18

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