Monday, December 10, 2018

New Modular Man Camp Factory Opens in Breckenridge, TX

The irony? That a newly-arrived business known for making modular homes could precipitate a local housing shortage.

“It is quite ironic, isn't it?” agreed Virgil Moore, the executive director of the Breckenridge Texas Economic Development Corporation. He spoke Nov. 28, during an open house for New Vision Manufacturing.

The company started operations in October, building six-bedroom modules to be used by oil field workers in the Permian Basin. The company has been on a hiring spree this fall, starting with less than 20 core workers and hoping to finish the year with nearly 100 builders.

And a year from now? General manager Andy Nauert predicted they could easily have 120 people working for them.

“I hope it's 150,” he said. “It just depends on how quickly we can train people and get production up. We try to not bring in more than ten a week, otherwise we can't supervise, train and evaluate them.”

The 136,000 square-foot facility is located in a building formerly used by modular home manufacturer Karsten Homes, which, Moore said, left town a few years back when operations were consolidated to Waco.

“In Breckenridge, we have a real history of several manufactured home builders,” he said. “So, we have a lot of skilled labor from which (New Vision) was able to hire for their initial round of employees.”

That explains one reason for the Oklahoma-based company to set up shop in Breckenridge. The other recalls the mythical First Rule of Real Estate – location, location, location.

“This was the closest plant available to West Texas,” Nauert said. “We're like 200 miles from Midland-Odessa. Most of the other manufacturers are in Fort Worth and Dallas at 400 miles away. If you start paying freight at seven, eight or nine dollars a mile, that puts us $2,000 more-competitive.”

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