Wednesday, January 2, 2019

China Exporting Modular Tiny Houses to US Market

Just when you thought the US had a corner on those tiny houses along comes China producing tiny houses for the US. Not only are they built in China they actually look great and the interiors are amazing.

Shipped to ports in California and Florida, the invasion has begun and as far as I can learn there is not a large tariff on them yet.

Alibaba has an entire section, 167 pages, of their website to devoted to offering tiny houses and other off site manufactured homes.

And here we sit thinking that maybe Toyota or IKEA will be the ones taking over the US market, it just may be the Chinese manufacturing empire that will do it.

A new tiny house dealer in Bradenton, FL, US Prefab, is selling these Chinese tiny houses and they look very nice.

Most are shipped to the US and other countries inside a shipping container without a loft section while other tiny houses are sent with a separate loft section or prepared for a loft to be built on site. They can also be fitted with the steel frame and wheels upon delivery to the dealer.

Polygreensolar in Australia imports more than 70 different modular tiny houses from their Chinese suppliers.

The Chinese are also retrofitting shipping containers as tiny houses and sending them overseas.

This is going to be a fun segment of off site construction to watch in 2019


Anonymous said...

Seeing a tiny house coming out of a shipping container is quite unreal. Noticed there are no axles on it but it prepped for them. I checked out the prices on Alibaba and can't figure out how they can build them so cheap.

Unknown said...

Could you let me know about the plans for UK market please

Coach said...

Steve. I have no information about China sending tiny houses to the UK.

Unknown said...

Its a communist country. They do it off the backs of their citizens