Friday, January 11, 2019

New Job Listings Begin Pouring in for 2019

It wasn’t that long ago the modular housing industry was just trying recover and today we can’t seem to fill all the positions available.

Cathy Sage, President, Robert Sage Careers

Cathy from Robert Sage Careers just sent over a list of job offers for our industry.

or visit her website at

January’s Job Listings:
  • Modular/V.P of Sales/S.W.
  • Modular/ICC Plans Examiner, 3rd Party/Midwest
  • Modular/3rd Party, Technical Engineer/Midwest
  • Modular/HUD/Plant Production Manager/South
  • Modular/HUD/Sales Zone Manager/S.E. (rich territory)
  • Modular/HUD/Production/South
  • Modular//Account Manager N.C./S.E.
  • Modular/Quality Control Manager/S.W.
  • Modular/Estimator/S.W.
  • Modular/Lead Revit Designer/S.W.
  • Modular/Project Manager/S.W.
  • Modular/Senior Buyer/N.E.
  • Modular/Plant Production Manager/Midwest
  • Modular/Sales Manager/SE
  • Modular/Project Manager/Midwest
  • Modular/Operations Fleet Manager/N.E.
  • Modular/Controller/N.E.
  • Modular/Components Manager/Eng. background/Midwest
  • Modular/Controller/Midwest
  • Modular/Plant Production Manager/Midwest
  • Modular/Engineer w/P.E. Designation/Midwest
  • Modular/Q.C. Manager/Midwest
  • Modular/Traveling Site Superintendents for GC/Various locations across U.S.
  • Modular/Contracts Administrator/Southwest

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