Thursday, February 28, 2019

A Unique Advantage Some Manufactured Homes Have Over Modular Homes

Manufactured home factories unlike their modular factory siblings have one advantage they use across the country. They rely almost exclusively on building homes from their book of authorized home plans.

Nothing better exemplifies this better than Commodore Homes of Indiana’s Aurora Classic Ranch home offered as both a traditional manufactured home and as an IRC modular home. Same floor plan, same quality and because they don’t have to design each home from scratch when ordered by the customer, the quality becomes something that is built many times over. The interior of this home is spectacular.

Check out this video walk through of the Aurora Classic Ranch and see if you agree the folks at Commodore Homes of Indiana have a awesome interior that any modular home builder would be proud to offer their customer.

Score a big one for the manufactured industry.

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Steve L said...

In California, Local zoning makes it difficult to obtain a Building Permit to place a manufactured on land from Realtors distaste, appraisers, regulatons, CCR's and public perception of NIMBY attitudes within neighborhoods.

Besides they are not solar powered nor energy efficient under their current HUD climate zone written in 1994. In 2020, CA> requires all new construction on land with validated zonal energy efficeint compliance to build a home with documents prior to built validating it is Zero Net Energy. HUD has only 3 climates zones for manufactured homes to be in compliance in the whole USA, pathetic.