Monday, February 11, 2019

Champion to Build IRC Tiny Houses for CO Community

Champion Home Builders could soon be manufacturing “Tiny Houses” that are IRC (International Residential Code) certified for "The Village at Tamarac" off Hwy. 67 in Woodland Park, Colorado near Pikes Peak.

It could soon become the home for 53 reported “small houses,” a project being dubbed as the latest effort at offering more affordable housing. The community's 6.68 acres is currently zoned multifamily.

No mention yet if these new homes are being built to the new Tiny House IRC code or the IRC codes required for normal site built or modular homes.

The houses will be served by city sewer and water as well as gas and electric. The cost of the homes would start at about $115,000, and the owners would pay $600 to $700 a month to lease their lot.

The developer has identified other parcels that could support Tiny House communities is this first one is successful.

This could be a way for homebuyers to own their own home and allow cities and counties on the East Coast to meet the growing need for affordable housing. It really all depends on whether local ordinances will allow these small IRC approved homes to nest in their area.

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Doug S said...

Is Champion going to open another factory to specialize in building these tiny homes?