Friday, February 15, 2019

Green Terra Homes’ Bankruptcy Black Eye for Industry

Green Terra Homes in Quinte West in Southern Ontario, Canada has filed for bankruptcy and closed its doors. They were mostly producing tiny houses and a few modular homes.

The company received numerous complaints from customers about issues with their houses. Homes not being square on the foundation, heating issues, and safety concerns were some of the complaints made.

Houses were constructed using light gauge steel in a warehouse in Trenton, then shipped to their final destinations, all across North America.

Green Terra Homes claimed the process was more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and more affordable.

No website, and no phone number are connected to Green Terra Homes.

Following allegations that Green Terra Homes scammed dozens of customers in Canada and the U.S. out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, the company and its owners are now the subject of investigations by the Canada Border Services Agency and the Ontario Provincial Police.

Green Terra Homes has been accused of selling customers, in five Canadian provinces and territories and 10 U.S. states, prefabricated homes with substandard materials or not delivering the homes at all.
There is an online posting for Green Terra Homes’ former property site at 260 West Street in Trenton. The cost is $1.75 million.

This isn’t the first time Green Terra Homes has announced its closure. It happened before and reopened in 2017.

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