Saturday, February 2, 2019

More Hotel Chains Turning to Modular Construction

The benefits of modular construction was bound to trickle down to the smaller, boutique hotel chains but it appears to be happening faster than anyone thought.

Hotel Business just reported that Dream Hotel Group plans to open the second U.S. location of its new lifestyle brand Unscripted Hotels in New York’s Catskill Mountains in early 2020. Centrally located within the new Shops at White Lake complex in Bethel, NY, Unscripted Catskills marks the company’s first ground-up build using modular construction—incorporating both hotel and retail—and will serve as a prototype for the Unscripted brand moving forward. It will be designed by Rockwell Group.

Set to open in late 2019, The Shops at White Lake development include an additional 75,000 sq. ft. of retail and professional office space, establishing a much-needed Central Business District for the town of Bethel.

My question is why is there is rarely a mention of which factory is building all these hotels? Are they US based or simply more units coming from Poland’s Polcom?

I know if I owned a factory building one of these unique new hotels I would be announcing it everywhere. It's called marketing!


Anonymous said...

Let's have reality check about modular and commercial.

I'm guessing no factory is announcing it because the developer hasn't signed a contract for production yet. They often assume they can sign the contract on day 1 and production starts on day 2

If a residential factory does have a contract to build, they are quiet about it because they are desperately trying to figure out how they are going to tell their builder network that they will have to wait 20 weeks to get a home.

Owais Khan said...

Have you ever tried DIY woodwork plans? If you ever have, then you know it requires good woodwork planning.

Anonymous said...

i think the reality is that the hotel chain(s) probably made the manufacturer sign some sort of Non-disclosure Agreement regarding it's production. Why wouldn't they?