Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Survey Finds Lack Of Interest in Construction Trades

I just read a survey given to contractors about why Millennials don’t want to go into the construction trades. These same reasons are probably why factory owners think they don’t want to work on modular home production lines.

It’s an interesting list but I’m sure a lot of these are symptoms of a much bigger problem. Unfortunately I don’t think we have actually found the core problems yet.

1. An overall lack of interest

2. Schools aren’t doing enough to expose students to construction

3. Pressure for young people to go to college and get urban skills

4. The physically demanding nature of production line jobs

5. Potentially lower pay

6. Rural modular factory locations

Woodworking Network surveyed 150 professional woodworkers. How are they attracting labor?

Over 65 percent say they are raising starting pay. Some say they are adding sign-on bonuses and jacking up vacation, sick days, and benefits.

42 percent said they are lowering hiring standards. Ex-cons, former addicts, and at-risk individuals previously ruled out are now being considered.

Over 37 percent say they are working with high schools, technical schools, and colleges to develop talent. 32 percent are granting young employees more accommodating schedules and nearly 17 percent are offering financial incentives to employees who refer workers.

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