Friday, March 15, 2019

Guerdon Providing Sonoma County’s North Bay with Two Modular Hotels

The North Bay is set to make a big entry into the world of permanent modular construction this summer, as the first of two Guerdon Modular Building five-story hotels are set to start rising like stacked blocks in a process that can shave nearly a year off the build.

It’s part of a national trend where developers are turning to manufacturers to help with soaring construction labor costs and lengthening project-approval times.

Crews started digging up a parking lot between Davis Street and Highway 101 in Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square district in January for an AC Hotel location, one of Marriott International’s new upscale lifestyle brands. But over 12 hours by heavy truck and a few states away, the 142 guest rooms for that hotel have been rolling of construction lines in Guerdon Modular’s sprawling Boise, Idaho, factory since fall.

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