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MBI Announces World of Modular’s “Best of Show” Projects

Modular Building Institute has announced the World of Modular "Best in Show" to the following companies and their project at this month's event in Las Vegas.

BEST OF SHOW - Permanent

Gotham Health - Vanderbilt Family Health Clinic

Main Category: Modular Building Design Company: Axis Construction Corp. Affiliate: NRB, Inc Location: Staten Island, NY Building Use: Family Healthcare Clinic Gross Size of Project: 19800 Square Feet Days to complete: 322 Architectural Excellence The Vanderbilt Family Health Center is the first new healthcare facility constructed on Staten Island in over 10 years and is strategically located in a neighborhood that has the greatest and most convenient access to mass transit for patients and staff. The building incorporates Clinical Programs including Pediatrics, Women’s Health, Ophthalmology, Podiatry, Radiology, Diabetes Care as well as Behavioral Health, all meeting the stringent NYC building codes and Dept. of Health regulations. The building blended the right mix of architectural, structural, mechanical/electrical features while maintaining strict adherence to budget requirements, critical to the success of the project, as it was funded by NYC. The building features a two story curtain wall entry system allowing natural light to fill the entryway, factory applied thin-brick exterior with full parapet, ceramic tiled toilet rooms and clean, smooth interior finishes of the offices and clinic spaces for ease of maintenance. Technical Innovation & Sustainability The non-combustible design is a structural steel post and beam assembly with light gauge infill and pre-poured concrete floors in a composite steel deck to help achieve sound deadening and fire ratings. The customized facility was built completely together at the plant as a two story structure to ensure precision fit and finish of all features and systems, resulting in a shorter site installation time and reduced on-site activity and disruption to the community. Once completed, the building was deconstructed and loaded to transporters. This process allowed the building to arrive with all the exterior brick installed as well as a high level of completion on the interior, reducing site completion time significantly. The building was designed with minimal interior columns to allow for maximum flexibility in use. Each module was designed with engineered lifting lugs for fast and simple offloading on to the foundations and a more efficient stacking process meeting exacting tolerances. Cost Effectiveness NYC Health & Hospitals wanted to minimize disputation to the local residents being the site chosen was in a residential neighborhood. By utilizing “off-site” construction not only were they able to open the facility, treat patients and generate revenue over nine months ahead of a conventional construction schedule, but also significantly reduced neighborhood disruption. Building this facility in a controlled environment and away from the site helped reduce time and costs in project management and general conditions, allowing NYC Health & Hospitals to meet the budget set for this capital project. Logistically the project site presented numerous challenges during the delivery and installation phase of the project. Cooperation and careful planning between all stakeholders, as well as the use of a 600 ton hydraulic crane, allowed the building to be installed in just six days with minimal impact to the community.
BEST OF SHOW - Relocatable
M. Mitchell Place - 2132 Ash Street

Main Category: Modular Building Design
Company: Horizon North Logistics Inc. Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Building Use: Transitional Housing Gross Size of Project: 25139 Square Feet Days to complete: 161 Architectural Excellence The three-story, 25,139 sq ft transitional housing building features 52 single occupancy suites. Each ~320 sq ft suite contains a bathroom, kitchenette, and private living space, with six wheelchair accessible units. The building’s interior design features a central amenity space with a commercial kitchen and common laundry and lounge facilities to encourage resident interaction. A modern, simple exterior design was chosen so that the building could be part of any community when the temporary units are eventually relocated. A flexible module arrangement allows for the addition or removal of units to fit sites of different sizes. The exterior façade emphasizes the building’s modularity with an extruded grid over the joints of the individual modules creating a recessed window wall for each unit. A unique 8,000 sq ft butterfly roof with extended overhangs gives shape and interest to the roof plane, referencing the building’s urban, low-density location. Technical Innovation & Sustainability Due to its temporary nature, the choice was made to set the building on an innovative, reusable, entirely above grade multi-point foundation system, which will allow the modules to be relocated and reconfigured on different sites in the future. The foundation system also contributes to the building’s smaller construction footprint by requiring less site preparation, minimizing ground disturbance and setting the stage for a quick 45-day building demobilization and re-assembly. The building is designed in accordance with client requirements for meeting the province’s Energy Step Code, achieving specific energy targets set by the City of Vancouver and BC Housing. All suites are designed to be self-contained, including an independent hot water tank and heat recovery ventilator. Efficient lighting, plumbing and mechanical features were incorporated that exceed typical building code, with consideration for Step Code 3, BC Housing Design Guidelines and City of Vancouver requirements. Cost Effectiveness For VAHA and the Government of British Columbia, modular construction offers a way to quickly increase the supply of affordable housing, with no significant impact on cost when compared to site-built construction. The reusable, reconfigurable design and multi-point foundation system allows for the entire building – from ramps to recycling containers and paving stones – to be demobilized and reassembled at another site in the future at a fraction of the time and cost of constructing a new building. Several other energy efficient and environmentally conscious aspects were incorporated into the building’s design to reduce long term environmental impact and day-to-day operating expenses, including: • LED light fixtures • High-efficiency plumbing fixtures • Energy efficient heat recovery ventilators • Energy efficient appliances • Abuse resistant drywall
BEST OF SHOW - Green Building

Adi Development - Valera Sales Center

Main Category: Modular Building Design
Company: NRB, Inc.
Location: Burlington, Ontario 
Building Use: Real Estate Sales Center 
Gross Size of Project: 1696 Square Feet 
Days to complete: 14 

Architectural Excellence
The 2017 MBI award winning ADI “Stationwest” project was specifically designed with future re-use in mind. This impressive structure has now been fit-out for the second time to suit its new location, and has a completely different look and feel from the first location. The building was dismantled from its original location and moved across the city to a new home at Valera Rd, all taking place with a few weeks in preparation for the GRAND OPENING of a new high rise build location The building has been placed on a below grade foundation, to give it easy accessibility. A change of signage, change of paint, and flooring, along with new presentation models and décor create a new and unique experience for this re-purposed sales center, to reflect the new condominium design that was in development. Technical Innovation & Sustainability The building was originally designed for it’s first location with maximum flexibility in mind, offering clear spans with post and beam construction. It is constructed with a structural steel frame and includes a concrete floor to achieve a permanent feel upon entry. The large expanse of glass, black aluminum frames and unique ceiling finishes offer an impressive grand appearance. Behind the architectural features, this building was well designed structurally to allow it to be easily split, picked up by crane, loaded to truck and set up at a new location. Cost Effectiveness ADI being a builder themselves, very well understand the cost advantage of time savings. By having their new sales center simply renovated from an existing one that had already gone through the permitting and approval process, time was shortened further on project # 2. The building was partially renovated while sitting on its original location while the site development/foundation permits were underway for the next location. The three-section structure was again, set onto pier foundations in one day, and final newly modified interior finishes were completed in only 10 days. The center was furnished, signs installed and décor was completed for a successful opening which resulted in record crowds again, with extensive media coverage. Project History This project was initially built by NRB for ADI’s “Stationwest” development site in West Burlington, and was a multiple MBI award winner in 2017! As that development site was completed and the condominiums were sold out, ADI repurposed the building for use at the next development site across the city. The interior walls remained in tact, however some changes in paint colour, fitments and fixtures and décor completely re-vamped the appearance of this building to suit the new development.
BEST OF SHOW - Marketing

Modular Genius, Inc. Website

Main Category: Marketing Piece Entry
Entrant: Modular Genius, Inc.
Date of Initial Distribution: 11/30/2018
Specific Medium Used: Website

Target Audience: Prospects, Architects, Customers, Subcontractors, and people with interest in modular construction
The websites objective is promoting the company as a leader in Permanent or Relocatable Green Modular Buildings. The website reaches many markets, and use groups offering tools that vary from hundreds of floor plans, technical drawings and building specifications that provide a reference point for the user and the sales person. Our work showcases project case studies that display a wide range of architectural and design excellence. The Free Quote page is our pinnacle customer service tool providing the prospect a price quote, floor plan, specifications and photos which are emailed to the user by completing a 60 second questionnaire. The prospects receive a quote leave the site meeting their entry objective by obtaining useful information needed for research and that last-minute meeting.

Effect on Sales, Visits, or Inquiries has increased the number of daily unique visitors. The Free Quote in 60 seconds page is the top organic page on the site based on search results. This quote tool is a revision from the old site and has reduced the bounce rate due to a more streamlined data input field and check boxes. The page has increased the number of solid leads for the sales team. The ease of navigation through the site with only binary drop downs on the menu bar improves use. Social media links, customer and subcontractor pages, partner and affiliate links were added for ease of connecting viewers to areas of interest. A revised mobile version of the website is compatible with desk top as well as portable devices and has increased to user interface. The 256-bit encrypted FTP link for secure document sharing of customers and subcontractors has improved communication. Sales activity is up and awareness of Modular Genius, Inc. being a leader in permanent and relocatable modular buildings.

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