Monday, March 4, 2019

Modcoach Launches New "Modular World News" Website

Every day I receive news items from sources around the world about what is new in the modular and prefab housing industries. Most of the time I simply don't have enough space each day to highlight these articles and they simply fade away after a day.

Remember the old saying "There's nothing older than yesterday's news" and that's a shame when it comes to the modular and prefab innovations and news from around the world.

Yesterday I launched a new website, Modular World News, that has links to some of the most innovative developments in our industry from all over the world.

It's like a Reader's Digest where you can read about these innovations and news stories like a buffet choosing what you want to read.

Look for this feature in the page’s bar at the top of this blog and visit this new site every day.


IL said...

Congratulations Coach! The new site looks like a good format for all of the additional information that you are collecting. Best wishes for your continued success.

Gary Allen said...

Congratulations Mod Coach

You keep us moving in the right direction

I would like to advertise on both sites. Who do I contact?

Gary Allen LLC

The only company that does everything except build the modular!

JC said...

FABulous addition to an already great site! This will now become an integral part in our design classes aimed at making sustainable prefabricated domiciles. Interest continues to grow!