Thursday, March 14, 2019

Modular Home Builder blog Awarded "All Star" by Constant Contact

I am humbled once again to have been awarded ALL STAR recognition for my efforts to inform the modular housing industry throughout the world of the latest news along with articles discussing the changes happening in our industry for 10 straight years.

from The Constant Contact Team

"For another year, you demonstrated unmatched engagement with your audience. Once again, you set the standard of excellence. We are thrilled to present you with your 10th All Star Award!"

"Every year, the bar to All Star status gets higher and higher. Only 10% of Constant Contact customers receive it and you have been awarded the ALL STAR every year since 2009. Only 65% of All Stars, like yourself, are multiple-year recipients."

1 comment:

Deb Canfield said...

Congrats Gary. I also use Constant Contact but have never gotten an All Star. I may contact you for some help.