Thursday, March 28, 2019

Stop Wasting Your Social Media Efforts on the Wrong Message

I am glad to see so many site, prefab and modular home builders using social media to attract new clients to their websites but honestly, most of you are not getting your message across.

You continue to show product and materials being delivered, workers pounding nails and just about anything other than what your prospective new home buyer really wants - - Pictures of finished houses both exterior and interior.

Can you imagine buying a car from any dealer that only showed you parts that went into it? Or the parts and pieces that went into your cell phone being the only things you saw before you bought one? Or maybe you really want to see the cow slaughtered and butchered before you bought your steak at Outback?

Of course you wouldn’t want to see that. What makes you think that new home buyers want to see all the boards, workers and modules being delivered for a home.

Stop showing these types of pictures in your Social Media posts:

Show them pictures of your finished homes instead and you will get even more traffic to your website.


Anonymous said...

You are so right Coach

Anonymous said...

Last time I check our on site brethren ( in the majority ) don't show work in progress but promote and show the details of the final product. If your going to show the WIP so it as before ( limited ) and after ( majority ). Heck even our remodeling cousins show finished product to attract clients.

Bill Hart said...

Amen Coach..and if you do a good job following this adroit suggestion of can also close the model(s) as its always the wrong one for Momma to peruse any way! Just open a first class.. designed by a profession center office a ....findable... business location.. Look at the bucks and the effort you save.. Show some of your pretty house LANDSCAPED. And then maybe the stick folks cant as readily bad mouth you and your mod and carrier spread all over the highway exit...Oh! and join the local NAHB chapter and go and mix at each months meeting not just once a year!