Thursday, March 7, 2019

Texas Modular Home Factory Closes its Doors

Opened in 2017, Evolution Building systems in Navasota, Texas has apparently closed down operations but are attempting to finish houses that were on line.

Started by Rame and Russell Hruska of Houston, TX, Evolution Building Systems used a unique concrete flooring system pioneered by Ken Neatherlin of GroundForce Building Systems.

The warehouse is owned by GroundForce Building Systems, a company that builds modular homes and commercial buildings on wood and concrete slabs and then delivers them on special movers to sites across the state. Evolution had an agreement with GroundForce that allowed it to use the company’s concrete foundation system technology.

On February 13th the owners laid off almost all their employees but the remaining 18 who were supposed to finish the remaining houses were laid off just a week later.

Nobody answered the phone when I called today. Just told me leave a message.

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