Thursday, March 14, 2019

Tiny Houses on Wheels Now Legal in California City

San Luis Obispo homeowners with qualifying backyards could legally bring in a tiny house on wheels for additional housing on their lot.

The city will soon be receiving applications for people to apply for tiny homes within their backyard of a single-family residence.

The first applicant will be visiting city planners tomorrow to get his permit started.
This is big news for affordable housing in San Luis Obispo.
The tiny house on wheel fans hope the city ordinance is going to be a model for the ordinance that the county is going to be writing.

To get a Tiny home the hopeful owner must live in a single-family home on the lot the tiny house will be on. The tiny house will also have to go through DMV regulations.

Because they are on wheels they are actually classified as a recreational vehicle instead of having to adhere to the new modified IRC put in place last year. Still no word if a tiny house without wheels will be allowed on the property.

The benefit of having wheels is the cost of not having to comply with state and city building code requirements.

A tiny house on wheels is roughly 1/3rd of the cost of putting it on a foundation.

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