Tuesday, April 16, 2019

7 Reasons Why Builders Fail to Close the Sale

Modular Home Builders have always had to "make the sale". I don't know of any builder that has had a prospect walk in their door and say they want to build a new home and then don't care about price, quality or materials. Just doesn't happen. Oh, I'm sure some of you have had some really easy sales, but it is still a sale.

Here are the Top 7 reasons builders fail to close the sale:

Rushing into the sales presentation without being properly prepared. Do you have all the literature, brochures, handouts, floorplans and building materials at your fingertips?
Not having a goal for the meeting. Very few builders close on the first meeting. Your goal for the first meeting is to prepare for the second one. Without a second meeting, there is no third, fourth, etc, which means no sale

Not giving the prospect a good first impression. If your office is messy and dirty, what kind of impression are you making on your prospect. Will your jobsite and your record keeping for their project be any better?

Talking too much. Telling isn't selling. In order to close the sale you have to ask questions and find out how you can help solve the prospect's problems. Now that's selling. Do not assume you know what your buyer wants....very dangerous

Not understanding how much money the buyer has to spend. Qualify, qualify, qualify. I've seen builders that go right to the "No one undersells me" or to "I don't think you can afford my house". How do you know what they can afford if you don't qualify them.

Not watching for your prospect's buying signals. Keep your eyes and ears open. Look out for verbal and non- verbal signs of interest. Look and listen - the customer will tell you when they want to buy

Failing to ask for the sale. Your buyer expects you to ask, so do it at every opportunity after you've built rapport with the prospect and have shown them the solutions to their problems. It usually takes several attempts to close the sale. Make sure you close frequently and sooner rather than later.

Look over these 7 reasons for not making the sale with a critical eye and you will find that eliminating even just one will go a long way to closing the sale.

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Audree Grubesic said...

I believe that you need to understand the build process, (land, house and site work) how to establish a realistic budget, along with listening to your client’s requests that makes the biggest difference in closing a sale. In building a new home sale, it can take 6 months to 2 years depending on having the land and financing all in place. It’s not about closing them at the door and rushing the sale but rather building a relationship of trust with long term new sales opportunities. A new home is one of the biggest investment in our lives, let’s start understanding that and treating people right and setting up those expectations from the first meeting.