Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Amazon Moves Into DC Area While New Housing is Stopped

What would seem like a win-win for the Washington, DC and Baltimore areas when Amazon announced they were building their new offices in the DC area may turn out to be crippling for small to medium new home builders.

Large sections of Montgomery County, Maryland are on track to be slapped with a building moratorium beginning July 1, thanks to an ordinance that links school overcrowding to development restrictions.

Areas served by six overcrowded high schools and the majority of middle and elementary schools that feed them are in the cross-hairs.

Construction that is already underway or permitted will not be blocked. The moratorium would affect new development and single family applications.

This could become an avalanche of moratoriums blocking new housing starts in other counties around the DC area as they will see new home buyers and renters flooding in from Montgomery County along with the projected huge amount of new workers for Amazon.

And let’s not forget all those 1,000's of new construction workers that will need to be hired and want to live near the jobsites.

This has the potential to be a world class screw-up.

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