Friday, April 26, 2019

An Interview with Boxabl's Galiano Tiramani

A folding home is not something you normally see me saying good things about but I recently talked with Galiano Tiramani, Boxabl’s Business Development Manager, and decided I needed to learn more about his company, Boxabl Homes. He is a straight shooter and I was impressed by what Boxabl has accomplished is a relatively short time.

I asked if I could interview him for Modular Home Builder blog and readily agreed. Here is that interview:

Galiano Tiramani

Galiano, what was the inspiration behind the Boxabl’s folding home?

Galiano: Many years ago our founder Paolo Tiramani built a modular home in Greenwich CT.

He was taken aback by some of the glaring inefficiencies in the construction process, which exist even for modular. Notably, this included using up a several months worth of the allocated oversize permits for the local area. As a product design expert with a successful intellectual property licensing business, he saw a problem that needed a fix and the original folding concept was born.

Modcoach: Cardinal Homes in VA and Blu Homes in CA have already tried a folding home. Cardinal no longer builds them and Blu Homes has significantly scaled back their operations. How is Boxabl different from your predecessors?

Galiano: Although I am not familiar with Cardinal homes attempt at the folding house, I am familiar with those "goofballs" at Blu Homes ( as you referred to them in your previous article ) I will start by pointing out the eerily similar design of Blu Homes to some of Paolo's pre existing patents for a folding home

Blu Homes seems to have totally missed the point of our invention. Apparently, they have decided to fold the homes and STILL ship oversize loads defeating the entire purpose of the folding which is to get under the 8.5ft highway width max for standard shipping and NOT incur oversize costs. They also decided to build factories in high labor/tax areas These blunders and others are certainly reflected in their product price and the company's success.

Now for a shocking point- Boxabl is not really a modular company! We don't plan to sell homes, build homes or even finish our modules with windows or kitchens. (Although our customers certainly will) You might consider our product the next evolution of modular. We plan to mass produce the most efficient, cost effective, rapidly deployable and high quality building shells ever seen, something we think is missing from the industry. We are a building component. Our manufacturing process means we can rapidly produce a standardized, ultra shippable product that is ideal for factory production but also fully customizable in the field. This means builders will be able to erect a building shell in days, not months, at an unbelievable price and boast off the chart ratings for fire, structure, energy and more. The way we manufacture, the materials we use, and the plethora of friction reducing features we will offer is going to be unlike anything the industry has ever seen before.

Modcoach: Now that we know what inspired you to build a folding house, tell me about the factory you’re planning to open.

Galiano: While I can't tell you too much about our secret sauce... I can tell you that we are planning the worlds largest output room module factory here in the Nevada desert. We will manufacture thousands of Boxabl, and inventory them here for next day shipping. At the moment we are raising capital for the first factory and a business that we view as almost infinitely scalable through the trillion dollar international market and seriously disruptive.

Modcoach: Are you going to offer your homes through a dealer network, on the Internet or at a central location?

Galiano: We are offering a standardized product, because of this, we think our customer acquisition costs can remain low. Although we haven't settled on our exact sales model, internet sales will certainly have a significant role.

Modcoach: You mentioned there is quite a backlog of orders for your homes. Was this something you had hoped for in the beginning?

Galiano: When we came out of stealth at the IBS show in Vegas earlier this year, we were not prepared for customer response we received. We felt sense of relief from builders once they understood what our product could mean for their business. People went completely nuts, and it felt great to know that the direction we took was validated, approved and welcomed by builders. Unexpectedly, we took a MASSIVE customer waitlist at the show, enough to keep our factory busy for several years, and more have been rolling in almost every day through our website. We hope to become a solution to labor shortages, productivity issues, and home affordability for the entire world.

Galiano, I want to thank you for your time to answer my questions and I hope you and Boxabl a very bright future and welcome to the huge world of systems built housing.

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Tubby McFatso said...

Blu had (operative word -- "had") two widths of folding modules, 8.5' and 12'. To the best of my knowledge they, in their very scaled back current entity, no longer have any folding models.