Thursday, April 18, 2019

College Dormitories Get New Modular Look

Unlike the dull dorm rooms of the mid-20th century, contemporary student housing design is increasingly high-quality, tech-oriented, and anticipatory of the ever-changing needs of students, parents, and universities alike. Recent student housing design trends include suite-style units, living-learning environments, high-quality activity and study spaces, digital mail rooms, and social hallways. Modular construction has strong potential to make these designs easier, faster, and cheaper to build.

KTGY Architecture’s Mod Hall concept combines the continuing needs of universities to provide housing with the current student housing trends and the benefits of modular construction. By constructing unit modules off-site while simultaneously completing the on-site construction, the modular student housing process can save both time and money. Universities can serve their growing student populations while keeping construction costs low.

To maximize the benefits of modular construction, room dimensions are coordinated with the typical dimensions of a freight truck. Each module stretches from exterior face to exterior face of a double loaded corridor building, including components of two units and the corridor running through the middle. As much as possible, unit interiors are finished in an off-site factory with finish materials, cabinetry, and fixtures, prior to relocation to the site. This simplifies the delivery process and on-site construction.

Enjoy the video and note the 8’6 wide modules allow low cost transportation to the job site.

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