Monday, April 29, 2019

Meet the Heroes of Modular Housing Construction, Five Voices Helping Transform the Way America Builds.

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There are many ways to describe the promise and, to some, the hype now coloring the growing home builder and remodeler interest in modular home Construction.

The term is a broad one. Modular home construction can include everything from roof trusses and wall panel systems all the way up to volumetric modules of fully-equipped and finished rooms.

Few dispute the need for an alternative homebuilding method. A scarcity of skilled construction labor in many parts of the country has many local, regional, and national home builders scrambling for talent. A recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders verifies the harsh new reality.

How have modular building elements changed your workflow? What do other home building leaders say about this construction alternative?

Here are the Five Heroes of Modular Housing (Read the entire Whitepaper)

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith is arguably the nation’s leading authority on the modular housing industry. Smith is the director of Washington State University’s School of Design and Construction and serves as a consultant to various industry trade groups, including the Modular Building Institute, and was the founding chair of the National Institute of Building Sciences’ Off-site Construction Council.

Peter C. O. Anderson

You could say Peter C. O. Anderson, FAIA and principal of Anderson Anderson Architecture, wrote the book on modular building construction because, in fact, he did. His 264-page Prefab Prototypes, nominated for a Royal Institute of British Architects Book Award, is an investigation of his firm’s widely-acclaimed modular building design. Anderson’s work defies expectations. His portfolio of homes demonstrates that modular construction isn’t predictable in form, structure, or materials.

Ken Semler

Ever hear of Express Modular? An ever-growing body of home buyers have.

The reason: What Ray Kroc was to hamburgers, Ken Semler is to modular home construction. His company, Express Modular, has rewritten the rulebook for an industry populated by over 200 regional modular housing manufacturers. Today Express Modular is the nation’s only custom home builder that serves all 50 states and “happens to use modular construction,” according to Semler.

Wes Minster

To understand the trajectory modular home construction has taken over the last few years, consider Wes Minster, general manager and vice president of Stratford Building Corporation. The 20-year modular home building industry veteran spent most of his career working in East Coast modular home manufacturing facilities, constructing modules for middle-market home builders in the Mid-Atlantic area. Today he oversees the 40,000 square foot Stratford factory in Rathdrum, Idaho.

Michael Winn

Why does a home remodeler need modular home solutions?

Just ask Michael Winn, owner and operator of WINN Design + Build. For nearly 20 years his company of 12 designers and project managers have worked the Virginia and Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., offering home owners comprehensive renovation and expansion services.


Anonymous said...

Ryan who?

Tom Hardiman said...

Coach, we've done a ton of work with Ryan Smith and Peter Anderson and both are excellent advocates for modular and offsite construction processes. At MBI, we paid Ryan to do an international research project to determine why modular seems to have caught on more so in other countries than it has here (would be glad to share those results). Not many will recall, but Ryan spoke at MHBA's annual meeting when we relaunched it in 2013. Peter has presented at several industry events as well.

If your readers are not familiar with the National Institute of Building Sciences Offsite Construction Council, I would encourage them to look into it. I've been on its board since inception and currently serve as the chair. Its a think tank made up of industry, academics, and government agencies aimed at promoting greater adoption of offsite construction techniques.

And of course Ken is a tireless advocate for the industry serving on both the MHBA board and BSC.

I don't know the other gentlemen, but I'm sure they are well deserving of this recognition.