Monday, April 8, 2019

The Innovative Modular Companies are Coming at Lightning Speed This Year

Showcased at this year’s IBS in Vegas, BOXABL is an innovative company that offers a foldable modular home. I know what you’re thinking; another Blu Homes but I think this new modular manufacturer is going to it the right way.

BOXABL, located in Las Vegas, is building homes that can be shipped by common carrier anywhere in the US. Relatively easy to set up and energy efficient this new start up is hoping to expand rapidly as they build a network.

As each 8’5” wide module is unfolded into almost 17’ wide finished modular boxes which can be joined together and stacked it would seem they will not be limited to the limited designs of that other folding home builder.

I will have more to share about BOXABL soon.

For now, enjoy this video taken at this year’s IBS.


Anthony said...

Coach can you please reload this video for it is not loading to be played. Thanks and have a great day.

Coach said...

Anthony, I viewed it on both IE and Google and it worked on both but just to make sure I reloaded it again. Let me know it you can see it.

Here is the direct YouTube link: