Thursday, April 4, 2019

VA Tech’s Prefab Home Shines at Solar Decathlon Middle East

Virginia Tech students can step back into the future thanks to the return of the school's "Future House".

The high-tech structure is back from Dubai after they beat teams from all over the world in the Solar Decathlon Middle East.

The home can be broken into parts and shipped and in just days - be reassembled.

Bobby Vance was one of the leaders of the project.

He says they believe this can solve many housing issues in the future.

"The basic superstructure can go from high end housing to affordable housing or disaster relief housing as well so when we look at that the idea of building something off site and then shipping it to the site, drastically reduces the amount of construction time," said Vance.

Some of the features include sinks and counters that can raise and lower for accessibility and a bed that raises when someone starts to snore.

It also features a toilet seat that automatically lowers.

The home will be at Virginia Tech this month and then the team is taking it to Times Square in New York City.

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Harris - Finish Werks said...

I had to chance to spend time with Joe at IBS last Feb where we spoke to a standing room only audience about high performance prefab and modular. For an architect (!) he's a no-nonsense guy with great ideas. Particularly his prefab cartridge model. He's a friend to our industry, no doubt.