Sunday, June 16, 2019

A Modular Housing Primer for HUD’s Ben Carson

I’m still surprised and confused by your (HUD Secretary Dr Carson) remarks wanting to make manufactured housing more acceptable in all neighborhoods thus easing the need for affordable housing.

I know you’re a world renowned brain surgeon but maybe you’re getting your ‘affordable housing’ information from the wrong sources.

So I’ve decided to visually show you a couple of fundamental differences we in the modular housing industry know but you might have missed. Dr Carson, if you happen to read this and want to know more about real modular housing please contact me at or call me at 301-302-4514.

First visual lesson: HUD vs Modular

A Manufactured HUD Home is a Type of Home
A Modular Home is a Type of Construction 

Second visual lesson: Affordable Housing by Region

Affordable Modular Housing in Cities

Affordable Modular Housing in Rural Areas and Towns

Affordable Manufactured Housing in Florida

Third visual lesson: Types of IRC Offsite Construction

Modular Home Being Craned onto a Permanent Foundation

Panelized Walls, Trusses and Floor Systems Being Installed


Anonymous said...

Coach, I can't be alone in wondering why you have become obsessed with Ben Carson.

Elite Homebuilders said...

You make some valid points, however I have manufactured homes that look just like the ranch home you posted above. Two stories and multi family homes are modular only of course. Not all families can afford modular thus the need for manufactured homes. Both can be built to Energy Star specifications. This push by Mr. Carson should include all forms of affordable housing.

Josh Margulies said...

Dr. Ben has done himself and the industry an unintentional disservice. The word “manufactured” should be replaced with “trailor” or “mobile” and a distinction made from modular. It just gets worse the more you distort the reality.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed with the previous comments. First manufactured homes can also provide two story housing as well and the industry never provided trailers, leave that to the RVIA industry and "mobile homes" haven't been built since 1976.
I am not sure why anyone in the "modular" industry is concerned with Sec. Carson. He is the head of HUD not "MOD". For him to promote manufactured housing is fantastic and his role as Secretary.
When the "modular" industry talks to prospective homebuyers, its up to them to explain the difference, not Sec. Carson.
Both types of housing provide benefits to consumers, just some cannot afford your typical "mod".
If you are concerned, maybe you need to change the way you do business to promote modular housing....