Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Healthcare Could be the Next Big Opportunity for Modular

Modular construction, an industry that was founded on single home homes, has morphed into building all types of buildings. Established modular factories are adding new lines of products that weren’t even a blip on the radar a decade ago.

New modular factories have begun popping up across the US that don’t even offer single family home production. Light gauge steel modular factories are becoming more common place and robotic and more innovative ways to build modular is on the horizon.

Today we see modular construction in the low and high rise multifamily arena, the hotel industry, affordable housing and even modular fast food restaurant production.

The latest industry to catch the eye of modular construction is healthcare. To that end, Skender’s new modular factory in Chicago has its eye on the healthcare industry providing them with fully furnished hospital rooms complete with medical equipment, furniture and bathrooms.

Beyond that are several established and planned modular factories are looking at building complete express medical offices designed to go to remote areas where the local construction companies have no experience building medical facilities. They are also targeting major drug store chains to produce micro-stores ready to place in smaller towns.

On a side note, my town is getting a new Krispy Creme donut shop. It has taken over a year to site build with no work being done when it rained or snowed. A couple of weeks nobody showed up at the job site. It it scheduled to open soon...14 months after the footer was dug.

I walked around it and did a little measuring. It could have easily been as a modular building and probably delivered and open in less than 4 months instead of over a year. Time equals money and I hope someone knows someone at their top management and let’s them know it could have been done so much better.

While hospitals have enjoyed ordering off-the-shelf bathrooms and examination room modules for new hospitals, modular opens up complete operating theaters, treatment rooms, neonatal and emergency wards. And with the needed specialized labor being in one factory building instead of having them live out of motel rooms at a new hospital site, the savings in time, money and quality will soon become obvious.

If you think modular construction is just for housing you are in for a big surprise when you learn you can buy your next hospital room, manufactured by Medmodular on Amazon today.

Gary Fleisher (the Modcoach) is a housing veteran, editor/writer of Modular Home Builder blog and industry speaker/consultant.


Tom Hardiman said...

Already there Coach! Check out MBI's Best of Show winner - health care facility in NY:

Bill Hart said...

The perhaps alpha and omega of the medical build cycle is in my opinion best simplified and truly could be spelled "Marshall Erdman" Sooo! A good read is his and his earlier company's bio "Uncomman sense, the Life of Marshall Erdman" Strongly suggest anyone inclined to wanta do medical small clinic size mods today, read it ..before anyone starts.. reinventing the wheel. They the Erdman's company built relatively small clinic medical size mods ...but...thousand of em actually; I used to fly feeder line flights via Ohare in and out of Milwaukee from TriCities in Iowa and from my Inland Homes Clinton plant there.. and many, many times with a rep from Erdman's who was enroute to yet another modularized medical clinic size site. BH