Friday, June 14, 2019

Hickory Lane Construction’s Big Announcement

I met Michael Shirk, owner of Hickory Lane Construction, one of the best modular set companies on the East Coast, a few years back when I asked him to speak at my Modular Boot Camp in Toms River, NJ.

Michael Shirk & Family

My wife and I remarked what a wonderful young man he was and that has only been reinforced over the years.

So imagine my surprise when I received this email telling the modular industry he was leaving the set crew business but after reading his reasons it made me understand that in today’s fast paced and wildly growing world of modular construction why Micheal would walk away from it.

Here is his announcement and after reading it let him know that he made the right choice….. Family First!

To our valued customers,

It is with a heavy heart I am writing you that Hickory Lane Construction will be closing for business on June 28th. we have been a family business for over 15 years and after much discussion with my brothers who have worked alongside me for the past years we have decided to shut down as a set crew. the long hours away from home have taken a toll on our bodies as well as our families and given that we all have young families that are growing we have decided it is more important to be fathers that will be more present in our children's lives.

I thank you for your business over the past 6 years in which I was owner of the company, I have enjoyed my time in the modular industry but now I need to focus my attention to my family and their well-being. If you have projects scheduled after June 28th I apologize for the inconvenience, I will provide a list of reputable set crews that can assist you on your projects.

thank you

Michael Shirk


Anon said...
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Anthony said...
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Anthony said...

Michael and his staff are a very professional and experienced group of individuals. They are going to be missed by many for their work ethic and reliability. Not only are they a great set crew organization each individual on a personal level exemplifies honesty, ethics and integrity. We are going to truly miss working with them. All of us at Zarrilli Homes wishes them all the best now and in their future endeavors. Good luck and God Bless.

Harris - Finish Werks said...

Modular building erections are constant, tough work. This beautiful family is all the justification Shirk needs to move on. He'll be missed.