Thursday, June 20, 2019

Innovation May Be Coming - Ready or Not!

I've talked about "pop-up" modular home factories. kitchen and bath modules being built in separate factories being added to the final home and the savings that can be found in repetitive module design for affordable housing.

Prefabricated modular system production where modular factories outsource most of their 'wet' areas to subcontractors may still be in the R&D stage but it just might be the answer to universal affordable housing. It is versatile, flexible, modular, customizable and introduces a new type of modular building system.

Watch the video and then ask yourself if buying completed kitchens and bathrooms from an outside supplier as "just in time" modules to be added to the modular home on the production line is something whose time is about here.


Anonymous said...

Interesting concept for production product ala sub-division or mass produced. Being applied to some degree for commercial product. Not sure how it would work for the East Coast custom manufacturers.

Bill Hart said...

Coach thats your much deluxed Thurmont uti core product eh! Era 1980s It didnt fly then in NCPA way back on one-zie, two-zies scattered lot SFDs' BUT, in my opinion, sure could have helped speed up the quad attached ranchers.. if not slabs but built on crawls?.. in the just now completed 44 +/- unit subsidized rental Muncy Greene complex in Lycoming County PA, here.