Sunday, June 30, 2019

Modular Industry Job Listings for July Have Arrived

The first of July’s exceptional job listings for the modular housing industry have arrived from Robert Sage Careers.

If you find one of interest, contact them at or

Modular/Estimating Manager – Field/N.E.

Modular/Director of Estimating – Field and Factory/N.E.

Modular/Sr. Project Manager – Travel required/N.E.

Modular/Sales – Permanent Modular Construction/N.E.

Modular/3rd Party Inspector/S.E. X 2

Modular/Asst. Production Manager/S.W.


Modular/Plant Mgr or VP of Mfg./Midwest

Modular/Licensed Architect AIA/Midwest

Modular/Engineer P.E./Midwest

Modular/Q.C Manager/Midwest

Modular/Revit Designer/Midwest


Modular/General Contractor/Midwest

Modular/Sales Manager/N.E.


Modular/Selling Branch Manager/S.W.

Modular/Major Projects/Houston to AL/S.W.

Modular/Major Projects/SC to FL/S.W.

Modular/MEP Revit Designer

Modular/Auto CAD Drafter/Midwest

These are just a sampling of the numerous positions we have available.

"Robert Sage Careers has matched quality with quality for over 50 years.

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