Monday, June 24, 2019

Ohio Developer Opens Modular Factory to Solve On-Site Problems

This is a story that our industry will soon see being repeated across the US as more developers turn to modular construction to solve labor and quality problems that have plagued them for years.

Richfield, OH developer and general contractor Todd Tober is fed up with the hassles of construction he routinely faces in Northeast Ohio.

The labor shortages, high material costs, and delays and safety issues caused by the region's weather have become too much to bear, he said, at least when it comes to traditional construction methods.

So he's going into manufacturing to try to solve such problems for his own business and maybe others, too. And Northeast Ohio could get a new factory as a result

Tober hopes two projects — One Twenty Building in West Akron and phase two of the Stoney Pointe Commons development in the city's Lane-Wooster area — will give him a springboard to launch ToVee, a manufacturer of modular units for residential construction.

"We're going to build these out of modular units," Tober said of his two projects. "We've bet the farm it's going to work."

In March, he opened a 100,000- square-foot factory in Seville, spent about $3 million on specialized equipment and has started making modular units for Stoney Pointe so construction can begin in July.

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