Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Proto Homes Takes a Dump on the Entire Modular Industry

Every single day I read and listen to all the crap being peddled by both the Democrats and the Republicans. Now Proto Homes, a systems-built company in California is spreading that same type of crap about the modular housing industry.

It’s not often I see red when I read an article about the differences between modular, site built and system-built but this one has me fuming.

Here is just one excerpt from their article Why You Should Ditch Modular Construction for System-Built

"There are also differences in the aspects of planning, permitting, construction, and personalization of the home. 

For example, modular homes and manufactured homes are classified in a certain way by the city. System-built homes, on the other hand, are treated the same as regular construction."

Please take a few minutes to read their article and either contact them directly or leave me a comment.


Builder Bob said...

Gary, Proto Homes is a CA company which means they have never seen a real modular home.

However whoever wrote that article is about as knowledgeable of modular as a potato. What a bunch of stupid horseshit.

Bill Hart said...

The homebuilding industry in the vast US of A and most provinces of Canada is VERY site specific, both product and definition -wise. California is a classic example! Builder Bob nailed it.

Anonymous said...

My comment deals with the remarks that you have no flexibility with a modular home...I have been a factory rep for 30+ years and in that time,,I have sold , maybe , 20 homes that are brochure exact..each and every house gets changes, adjustments, and allowance for future needs...

Tom Hardiman said...

And we wonder why we have such a hard time trying to educate the public. Nonsense like this continues to confuse and mislead people. They kinda forgot to mention that modular homes are built to the same codes as "regular" construction (whatever that means).

Unknown said...

Interesting to say the least. I think It is apparent that the individual who wrote this article is either poorly educated or has no education on modular structures. Other than to display himself/herself as ignorant of the facts I am not sure what purpose this serves. Even the NAHB has a division called SYSTEM BUILT which consists of log homes, panelized(systems built), SIPs and modular manufacturers. Look at all the municipalities that are turning to modular housing as a viable solution. Does this individual think all these people are stupid? On the contrary, they see modular as a reliable source of housing the same as site-built or panelized.

Dennis Hoffer said...

Did you notice that there is no byline on the article. i wouldn't want my name attached to that throwback to "yellow Journalism" if I wrote it either. I've been associated with this industry almost 25 years, and construction in general for 40, and it still amazes me we have people like this, and HUD Secretary Carson, undermining the modular process and product. These people need to visit the Northeast and see what a true custom modular looks like.

Modmentor said...

I think we need to find the rock he crawled out form under or closet that this guy has been raised in and bury it so no one else can turn out like him .
Obviously the guy has never seen what we build and how it's designed, manufactured and delivered. Never mind the fact that he must is full of himself that he didn't bother find out anything about the industry before he wrote the article. Or even more to the point maybe the modular guys in his area are really biting into his business to the point that he had to lash out.

Anonymous said...

A panel builder by another name stating they use a system to build, deliver, and hand you the keys to finish. Blurring the lines between HUD and our product by adapting our buzz words against us.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to the comments about this individuals knowledge about modular/manufactured he knows exactly what he is saying and using marketing jargon to promote a panel process.

Julia said...

I am not sure what to say. This man apparently has no idea what he is talking about. I have built over 900 modular homes and every single one of them has been a custom home. Sometimes you just have to let ignorant people talk and they usually make a fool of themselves.

Ron D'Ambra said...

Here we go again, I love standing up for our industry and its products and representatives, so here it is;

1-The unknown author states; Modular and Manufactured homes are completed at the factory; WRONG, when was the last time this "expert" witnessed a set-up and installation and completion of either home, including ship loose dormers, porches, garages, etc. These add on items are specifically "shipped loose" and then installed at the home site as part of the completion process

2-The unknown author, who is not starting to resemble the "unknown Comic", states "flexibility of a modular home is limited:, Again when was the last time this induvial looked at and toured a Modular or HUD home, the building practices extended are now unique to 8'sidewalls for a HUD home, and vaulted ceilings for a modular homes.

3-Unknown author references "low ceilings, narrower hallways and smaller rooms, could it be he is now confused with the T
"Tiny Homes", since the availability to customize any modular homes is endless, and certainly not restricted in size of rooms and/or passages, has the author not reviewed and understood the term "egress", and how it must apply to every home, regardless of the construction design/practices.

4-I do not intent to attack this author, in fact, I pity him for being so blind-sided and uneducated on the building practices and acceptance for Modular and HUD/Manufactured Homes.

5-As we read deeper into this minutia of intention to tarnish the modular and manufactured home being concept, I think I left my chair in anger when he made the statement that "You must WARN the buyer when selling a modular home, this one takes the cake, NO, like any other real-estate transaction you must complete a "disclosure" statements, and it is not for the fat to "WARN" a potential buyer, instead it is a selling tool to list the attributes and recent repairs to the home, example; new roof 2 year ago, HVAC replaced last year, etc. I can't believe how out of touch and incorrect this unknown author is, perhaps this is why he remains "unknown"?!

6-NOW, finally lets examine the statement made that the modular home doesn't have the livability and longevity, nor does it "Last Longer" then his or hers "systems built" home..."unless they are using some unknown building materials than the standard universal building products( example; osb, plywood, sheetrock, LVL's, gypsum board etc), its all the same products, why would one last longer in his/her home then any other home, Hey folks, let you in on a little secret, there all "stick built" homes, the difference is "where they are manufactured, on homesite or off-site at a factory, that is the difference, how the heck could longevity come in play as one of the unknown authors "statement of facts, regarding the homes building practices and values, IF anyone could make claim to longevity, it would be the factory produced home, since it is not exposed during its building process to the weather elements that a "SITE BUIT" home is subject to!

In closing we could go on and on, but why do so, why play into a non educated individuals beliefs that his or her knowledge of "systems built" homes is superior to a manufactured or modular built home? Simply because we care about our industry, and have worked extremely hard to polish our image and present our products in a positive manner, lets just pity this unknown author who perhaps when touring a plant failed to wear his hard hat and got "plunked" in the head, and now has distorted comparison syndrome!?!

Harris - Finish Werks said...

Presuming Proto's collective heads are up their arrogant asses, I did the polite thing and faxed them this webpage.

All 9 pages. Education can be messy.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if the industry could respond with a unified voice? We are constantly on a defensive bent in combating ignorant, non-factual, diatribes that are spewed by uninformed, misleading, ne'er-do wells.
The industry is just so fragmented (and basically always has been) as to not be prone to allowing a concerted offense to combat the ever present misconceptions regarding the systems built industry and modular construction in general. Tom I know you're trying but......... just sayin.

Harris - Finish Werks said...

Anony June 17, 9:19am: agreed. To get on the same page:

- MHBA Mgt company (Tom) and Board Director, and
- NAHB BSC liaison Devin Perry and Board Director, and
- Gary (because he's got sooooo much spare time!)...

...Need to huddle on a conference call once every 2-3-4 weeks to manage to the messages. Ad hoc blog responses get us nowhere fast. I know - I'm guilty of faxing this company this Blog post!

Structure, regimen, consistency. This is the only way the truth about what we do punches through.