Wednesday, June 19, 2019

What Was Your First Experience in Modular or Prefab Housing?

Everybody has a story about how they got into the modular housing business. Some were simply looking for a job and were hired as a Modular Factory sales rep. Some were site builders and switched to modular or panelized and there are some, I’m sure, that simply stumbled upon our industry.

If you would like to share your experiences in how you got into the business or better yet, some history of modular and prefab you’ve experienced, please take a couple of minutes and let everyone know how you got into the world of modular and prefab.


Builder Bob said...

I was a builder in Rhode Island and my first modular came from Avis America. Simple ranch but I liked working with them. Now I live in NY and buy from several factories. Times have sure changed since I got into the modular business. Very tough to compete with stick builders today because of all the hoops a modular home builder if forced to jump through.

Anonymous said...

First exposure was panelized product for N GA project not accessible for modular. Several years later did modular but returned to site building based on service issues.