Tuesday, July 9, 2019

21 Reasons Why Tiny Houses Are a Huge Mistake

Reality TV shows like “Tiny House, Big Living” and “Tiny House Nation” have popularized the notion of stripping down one’s lifestyle to pay off debt and save money. Depending on which definition you use, a tiny home is one that’s less than 400 to 600 square feet, but some tiny homes can be as little as 160 to 200 square feet.

All the hype surrounding tiny homes might pique the interest of individuals looking for a financially and environmentally sustainable lifestyle. But what looks good on reality TV can be much less appealing in real life — especially if you have children. Before making a huge mistake, you should do your research and learn the true cost of getting a tiny house.

Tiny homes come in several varieties. At the higher end are traditional stick-built or modular homes constructed on permanent foundations. A more common style is built on a mobile trailer using conventional construction materials. It’s also possible to convert a shed or storage container into a tiny house by using the structure as the home’s shell.

But no matter how you construct your tiny home, you might encounter the same problems with it — so, keep reading to see why you should think twice before springing for that purchase.

1. Tiny Homes Are a Fad, Not a Trend The difference between a trend and a fad is staying power. Trends endure and evolve, whereas fads are met with wild enthusiasm for a short time, but then they fizzle.

The tiny-home movement might’ve sprung from the trend toward minimalism and experiential lifestyles, but many proponents dive in without considering the significant challenges inherent in living in a tiny space — suggesting that tiny homes are a fad, not a trend.

2. Tiny Homes Are Expensive The small size of tiny homes doesn’t make them much cheaper to build — in fact, the typical tiny house costs more per square foot than larger houses do, in part because larger construction jobs make for more efficient use of resources.

The average 2,000-square-foot home costs about $150 per square foot to build, according to HomeAdvisor, whereas tiny homes constructed by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company — one of the best-known tiny-house builders in America — typically cost over $300 per square foot.

3. It Might Be a Home, but It’s Probably Not a House Many tiny homes are built on trailers, which makes them recreational vehicles. In fact, the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company calls its products “tiny house RVs” and builds its homes according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association certification standards. By Tumbleweed Tiny House Company’s own definition, their products are licensed RVs, not houses.

4. Houses — Even Tiny Ones — Must Build to Code Tiny homes built on foundations typically must meet the same code requirements as any other house, but the cost might be disproportionate — and even prohibitive — if you’re working with a bare-bones budget. You might have to prepare the land for construction, pull permits, order inspections and pay to bring utility service to the site.

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