Saturday, July 13, 2019

5 Etiquette Rules for Successful Modular Factory Sales Reps

Etiquette isn’t reserved for just everyday social events, it needs to follow you when you talk with your builder by phone, text, email or in person. No matter how long you’ve been working with your builder, always remember to say “Thank You”, “Please” and “You’re Welcome”.

You have to remember you are on the end that receives the order and the money from the builder, not the other way around.

Care About Your Image
Dress appropriately for your sales position and your factory. I remember going to one of my builder’s jobsites to go over a small problem he was having. It was a very hot day in Virginia so I wore old shorts, a rather crude Tee and ratty looking sneakers. It turned out his customer was there to learn the solution to the problem but once she saw me refused to shake my hand. Lesson learned the hard way.

If your factory has paid for shirts or tops to be worn when you are on the road, wear them. Regardless of how you dress, make sure you are clean and well groomed. Before you walk out the door to go to work, look in the mirror and determine whether or not you look like someone you'd want to do business with.

Listen and Address Your Builder's Needs
It's annoying to most Builders when their salespeople doesn’t listen to them. Don't assume you know what the builder is looking for or interrupt as they try to explain their needs. Modular home salespeople need to give builders AND their builder’s customers the feeling that they care, and it's your job to help them with solutions to their problems.

Don't Try to Be Your Builder's Best Friend
While you need to get to know your builder, also know where to draw the line. Surely as the sun rises every day, one of these days you will have to tell your ‘best friend’ “NO!”

‘No, you can no longer get any discount’ or ‘No, we can’t have your house delivered when I promised’ or ‘No, you didn’t order your house in time to beat the increased pricing and there’s nothing I can do about it’.

Also don't assign cutesy nicknames to your builders, tell them company secrets, or say more than they want to know about your personal life. Too much personal information can make your builder uncomfortable.

Be Truthful
Never misrepresent anything you are trying to do on their behalf with your factory. Lying will only come back to haunt you later. As soon as your builder finds out you're lying, he's likely to leave and never come back. Trust is essential when selling.

Don't Make Unrealistic Promises
If you can't deliver something on a certain date, don't pretend that you can. Let the builder know when you can have his house ready and offer to find a solution if that is a problem. Making unrealistic promises will break down all trust that you need to build a strong builder base.

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Anonymous said...

allow me to share my introduction to the proper dress ,,similiar to yours only in reverse....southern New Jersey,,,90 degrees and setting this builders first house....I am a newbie sales rep and showed up in a three piece yourself ,, I learned quickly and never repeated ....