Thursday, July 18, 2019

Available Modular Industry Acquisition Opportunity:

#213755 – Modular Residential/Commercial Structures Manufacturing Company –

This company has been in business for decades and has an excellent reputation within its market area. The plant production capacity is approximately $50M in potential revenue, without additional CAPEX.

The land and buildings have been recently appraised and there is room on the property to double the plant square footage. Mid-Atlantic/Southeastern Location.

We will be hosting plant tours and management presentations on-site in the coming weeks.

If you desire additional information on the attached opportunity, please contact Mark R. Sage, Managing Director, Wyndham Capital, LLC at or (727) 481-8435 direct.

Wyndham Capital is a M&A intermediation firm that has represented the sale of seven Modular and HUD Code manufacturing businesses since 2006. For more information about our firm, please access our website at

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