Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Builders Need to Help Their Customers Keep a Secret

It’s not often that one of your questions for a home buyer is “Have you ever thought of having a secret room?” in your new home.

It sounds like a crazy suggestion but you will be surprised how many will think about something they want to keep away from prying eyes. If you ask, they might just take you up on building one for them.

It could be as simple as secret walk-in closet or as elaborate as a prepper shelter in their basement. Maybe they want to tuck their gun collection behind a normal looking bookcase.

I remember building a humidity controlled secret room for a woman that collected very valuable antique Teddy Bears and another home where the husband wanted a hidden staircase from his Den on the first floor to the Master bedroom on the second.

Even though both of these projects didn’t cost me anymore than ‘time and materials’ I was able to get a premium price for them. It’s super tough to add a secret room after the house is finished.

If asking that simple question about a secret room gets you the house contract over one of your competitors, wouldn’t that make your day!

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